Dental Clinic in Timisoara Alpha-Dent

Our dental clinic is composed of four modern dental offices, well equipped with intraoral camera and KODAK X-ray device. Each patient has individual consultation kit, sterilized with steam under pressure (autoclaving), which results in eliminating the risk of contamination for the patient. The communication with the patient may be done in Romanian, English or Hebrew.

We provide wide range of dental services:
- Periodontal surgery
- Dental implants
- Extractions
- Surgical extractions
- Esthetic restorations
- Prosthetic dentistry: crowns, crowns of porcelain burnt onto a metal jacket (Cr Ni or Cr Co),
    porcelain crowns platinum gold (Au Pt) (highly bio-compatible),
    zirconium porcelain crowns (highly bio-compatible and very aesthetic),
    full ceramic crowns (highly bio-compatible and very aesthetic),
    bridges of the same materials as dental crowns,
    dentures, partial dentures and telescopic prostheses
- Dental prophylaxis
Treatments performed in our clinic have a guarantee for 2 years.

Opening Times

0768-270-930   0256-486-221
Address: Calea Martirilor Nr.6-8,

Monday-Thursday: 09-20
Saturday - Sunday: emergency program.Phone: 0727-565-658

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